Optimization of Transport and Field Service in the Healthcare Sector

Pharmaceutical and medical supplies wholesalers, freight forwarders and producers of healthcare products have a great responsibility.

Software solutions help in the efficient supply of pharmacies, hospitals, laboratories and medical facilities, and in the establishment and optimization of distribution and sales areas.

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The demands on the transportation and supply of medicines and goods in the healthcare sector and the structuring of sales forces and sales territories in the healthcare industry are enormously high - and not just since the outbreak of the Corona pandemic.

Especially in pharmaceutical and medical supplies wholesale as well as in the production of healthcare products, the transport volume has always been characterized by high dynamics. Short-notice orders from a wide range of products, multiple deliveries and the reliable supply of temperature-sensitive healthcare products, medicines or hazardous goods are the daily challenges along the supply chain.

At the same time, the sales territories and target groups in this sector must be analyzed and structured in an even more targeted manner; doctors, pharmacists, hospitals and many other customers in the healthcare sector must be reliably supplied. Moreover, once the areas of operation have been optimized, only sales representatives with the appropriate skills and experience can be deployed. Intelligent software solutions are the answer to these requirements - and indispensable in the healthcare sector.

Benefits of software in optimizing healthcare sales territories and sales force

  • 10% more time with the customers
  • Strategically define areas and locations
  • Identify ideal locations for test centers and clinics
  • Transparently optimize visiting schedules and routes
  • Professionally analyze target groups

Advantages of software in healthcare route planning

  • 17% cost saving per year
  • Planning flexible and reliable routes
  • Transport safety according to specified standards
  • Transparent transport chains at all times
  • Comply with quality standards

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Is almost on time already too late?

Every minute that customers wait for healthcare goods is perhaps already one minute too many. Emergency services, night deliveries, flexible supply to outpatient and inpatient care facilities, hospital logistics, seamless control of supply chains, and compliance with special transport conditions such as temperature specifications only work with intelligent route optimization. Direct medical supply via multi-modal transports is also more than just the way from A to B. Plan your express transports or temperature-controlled transports as cleverly, transparently and efficiently as possible.

Time for a new cut

Whether it's a flu epidemic or a Corona pandemic, strategically optimized sales territory planning and perfect weekly schedules enable you to visit your customers with the usual quality of service, even in exceptional situations. The recipe for success is a targeted analysis of sales territories and target groups, taking spatial relationships into account. For example, you can show your doctors and pharmacists what purchasing potential lives in their vicinity. You can then use this information to plan your sales territories and locations, and then your employees' visit plans and tours. In doing so, you should also take into account the skills, residences and working hours of your local teams.