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Econolite and PTV Mobility will be combined to form the new Mobility business, operating under the brand Umovity.

Bridgepoint and Porsche SE supported PTV and Econolite to join forces in 2022 and now back the further integration into two strong and distinct businesses: Mobility and Logistics.

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Delivering cutting-edge software solutions

30M routes per day

Our customers plan and optimize more than 30 million routes with PTV software each day.

17% in cost savings

Our customers are able to save up to 17% in annual transport costs with PTV software.

40,000 tons of CO₂ saved

Our customers save more than 40,000 tons of CO₂ per day thanks to our optimization technology.

How PTV software empowers users to monitor,
optimize and control mobility and logistics

Our algorithms and data analysis enable planners to model & optimize any kind of use case with our software - from a small pedestrian intersection to a complete city road network, from truck route planning to fleet management. The basis for these models is large amounts of data.


Shared Mobility

Socio-Economic Data

GPS (Pedestrians/Bicycles)

Public Transport

Realistic and precise models allow users to create a digital copy of their city in which all possible scenarios and business cases can be simulated.

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Combining historic data and real-time information allows users to derive concrete measure and to predict the movement of every bus, car and truck.

PTV software equips users with the right tools to monitor, optimize and control traffic & logistics. The use of real time data in combination with optimization algorithms reveals solid traffic prediction up to 60 mins in advance and calculates trips most efficiently.

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Data analysis and visualization

The Covid-19 era has underlined that a consistent focus on data is more critical than ever. Big Data-analysis & visualization are key to tackling new challenges, to measuring the progress of new efforts and to producing innovative solutions. PTV software solutions help planners analyze mobility data and develop appropriate measures to optimize urban movement.  

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