Depot-based route planning for transport service providers

Dozens of depots, thousands of orders per day and only a few hours for route planning – this is the daily reality for many dispatchers in big logistics service providers. In addition, they have to simultaneously work on pick-ups and deliveries, last-minute orders, contact with customers, and achieve cost and emissions reductions.  

With a PTV route planning software, logistics service providers can create optimized route plans for the entire fleet in the shortest possible time. Order, vehicle and customer restrictions are taken into account, as are different load types, loading bans and driving and rest times. At the push of a button, the software distributes the orders to your vehicles and drivers, reduces travel times and distances, and ensures optimal utilization of resources. 

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Planning with fixed routes and areas   

Transport service providers often use predefined delivery areas or routes as the basis for daily operational planning. This enables early order picking and loading of the goods at the ramp. Such fixed areas can be stored in PTV Route Optimiser or PTV Developer and considered during route planning. The dispatchers can then decide whether to carry out fully-free planning within an area, or just to optimize the orders. Furthermore, the existing tours can be evaluated and potentials for improvement can be identified. 

Considering all vehicle types and characteristics 

With thousands of orders per day, assigning a tour to a suitable vehicle is no easy task. In all PTV routing and route planning solutions, it is therefore possible to create various vehicle profiles that can be adapted to your own fleet. Whether a small van, 40-tonne truck, electric truck or refrigerated vehicle - the software considers these parameters in the route planning, as well as the properties of the goods (combined loading bans, dangerous goods, etc.). 

Transparency along the supply chain 

Our solutions can be connected, via interfaces, to all common telematics and transport management systems. This eliminates errors in the transfer of orders and routes and increases transparency. In addition, the software calculates a high-precision ETA for each order, which can be automatically sent to all parties of the supply chain. This ensures better planning of the upstream and downstream processes and helps reduce waiting times at the ramp. When planning the route, specified loading time windows can also be considered, to help avoid penalties.     

Ensuring cost-effectiveness 

If logistics service providers work with subcontractors, their tariffs can be stored in the PTV solution. The software then determines for each tour if it is economically worthy to be carried out by your own vehicles or to outsource it to an external service provider.    

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