Manual for municipalities on automated and connected driving

Integration of automated means of transport in urban public space - within the framework of the
Urban Transport Research Programme

Automated, connected driving is gaining in importance. Its contribution to mobility and the transport revolution needs to be controlled.

The aim of the project is to create a manual that supports municipalities, but also transport companies, in developing their own strategies for integrating automated and connected vehicles into public transport. For this purpose, the genesis, the status quo, but also possible development paths and design options of automated and connected driving in urban areas will be examined.

As a basis for the recommendations for action and design options, previous vehicle deployments as well as municipal goals and strategic approaches are systematically processed and analysed. For this purpose, a comprehensive literature and internet analysis will be carried out. In addition, qualitative interviews will be conducted. Municipalities as well as experts and stakeholders will be involved in workshops. The continuous involvement of the addressees of the manual ensures that all relevant topics and areas of application are taken into consideration and prepared in a target group-specific manner.



The manual provides recommendations for the safe and sustainable design of the use of automated and connected vehicles in public transport.

Design options

Possible regulatory and design options for the integration of automated and connected vehicles and transport facilities into the public space will be identified.

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