iZeus - intelligent Zero Emission Urban System

The partners ads-tec, Daimler, EnBW (consortium leader), Fraunhofer, KIT, Opel, PTV, SAP and TWT, joined forces to promote research, development and practical demonstration in the areas of energy, vehicle and traffic with a focus on smart traffic and smart grid.

PTV was responsible for the subproject that dealt with objectives for future e-mobility solutions, especially for freight transport. The project focus smart traffic focussed particularly on traffic aspects. The modeling of an e-mobility space and its integration into the traffic space formed the basis for the design of services, interfaces and their development in real applications.

As part of the iZEUS Smart Traffic concept research, mobility aspects in the context of electromobility were researched, developed and tested, both in the private and urban freight transport. At different levels, the requirements and framework conditions of the use of electric vehicles were analyzed and conceptually evaluated in models.

Smart traffic concepts

Within the project, concepts and approaches for city logistics were developed with different types of electric vehicles.

Navigation solution for mobile devices

A navigation solution with range calculation and -specific functionalities for different electric vehicles was developed.

Transport modeling

Transport modeling and evaluation of the electromobility area revealed a detailed evaluation of electric fleets in future application fields.