efeuCampus Bruchsal - The innovation centre for autonomous urban freight logistics

The EU-funded lighthouse project efeuCampus makes freight mobility in urban areas emission-free, generationally appropriate and economically viable - with the aim of improving people's quality of life and giving the Technologie-Region-Karlsruhe (TRK) a pioneering role in the fields of autonomous driving, smart city and artificial intelligence.

The project efeuCampus (eco-friendly experimental urban logistics campus) is being established on the site of the former barracks of the Dragonerkaserne ("efeuQuartier"). For the business location Bruchsal it should become a permanent impulse generator for the development of solutions for last mile freight logistics and autonomous vehicle technology.

The efeuQuartier comprises the so-called innovation centre efeuCampus with the efeuLog delivery system, in which the construction and operation of automatic delivery and automatic removal of parcels as well as the disposal of recyclable materials is planned. A neighbourhood depot is to serve as an intermediate depot for incoming and outgoing goods. Autonomous transport robots will deliver and collect different goods in front of the houses of the residents and also transport the recyclables to the neighbourhood depot. Communication with the delivery robot is to be ensured via an app. So-called pick-up points are planned to ensure that these processes run smoothly. These are to be placed in front of the buildings.

Project website

You can find more information on our activities on the topic pages Automated and connected driving and Urban logistics.

Route planning

As a project partner, PTV is responsible for analysing the transport processes in the neighbourhood and optimally planning the trips of the autonomous vehicles taking into account the general conditions of the efeuCampus.

Technical infrastructure

A stable technical infrastructure and coupling of all system components are the prerequisites for successful planning and implementation of the processes. PTV makes a major contribution to building the infrastructure and also develops components for order management and data management.

Map generation

The detailed representation and management of the processes in the campus area requires an extension and detailing of previously existing map material, especially to depict the autonomously driving delivery robots in the neighbourhood. The basis for this is provided by PTV.