EiFa - Feasibility study for the development of a uniform timetable template and terminal coding

The aim is to make it easier for actors and customers to exchange information on combined transport routes. This will increase the digitization and transparency of this green transport sector and lay the foundation for a stronger shift to the environmentally friendly transport modes of rail and waterway. For this purpose, the uniform timetable structure will be explicitly designed for the two modes of transport rail and waterway / short sea. The innovation lies in a uniform timetable format, which currently does not exist, but which represents an important basis for digitization and increasing transparency in combined transport.

As part of the EiFa feasibility study, the metastructure for a standardized CT timetable is being developed together with the industry in specialist workshops. In addition to standardized information on the connections, this also includes the definition of unambiguous terminal coding, as well as standardized data formats and interfaces. The results will be recorded in a technical specification and a sample timetable will be made available for download.

Industry workshops to define a meta structure towards a harmonized combined transport timetable

Defined meta structure of combined transport timetable for up-take in the industry

Project website

Project description (pdf, German)