This Spanish city moved to sustainable mobility with PTV Visum

Consultancy group Tema was tasked with carrying out a sustainable urban mobility plan for the city of Valladolid in north-west Spain, which has over 300,00 residents.

Using PTV Visum, the consultancy created a four-stage transport model that evaluated the different measures of the plan. The model was based on data from private vehicle surveys, number plate registrations, gauging and surveys on public transport.

Eventually, the model supported the decision-making process.

The Visum simulations enabled Tema to:

  • Analyze mobility and draft the plan for the city.
  • Model the private and public transport network.
  • Evaluate effects of the proposed measures.
  • Drawing up a monitoring plan.

The implementation of the sustainable urban mobility plan enabled Valladolid to promote use of more efficient modes of transport, and improve accessibility, safety, and quality of life for residents.

This transport model was also used by the local bus company (AUVASA) to plan the reorganization of the city's public transport network.

“PTV Visum’s ease of use and versatility allowed us to use it in a wide variety of projects, with very different scopes and complexities. We now include Visum in almost all mobility projects that require macro modelling."

Guillermo Maldonado Consejero Delegado

The Results

Implementation of sustainable urban mobility plan for the city of 300,000

Better accessibility, safety, and quality of life for residents

Reorganization of the local bus network

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