Optimized tours for social services with E/M/C and PTV xServer

About E/M/C

For almost 30 years, the German company E/M/C Organisationsberatung und Datensysteme GmbH has not simply been programming and selling software for the healthcare and social services sectors, but rather delivers digital solutions, which are precisely tailored to the needs of the customer on the basis of intensive discussions. E/M/C's wide range of customers includes operators of school bus trips, transport for the disabled, driving and rescue services, rehabilitation and patient transport. With CareMan, the company offers them an extensive selection of modules, e.g. for scheduling, route planning, administration and accounting.

Customer request: Billing and route planning mady by PTV

The company became aware of PTV Group through its customers: they had increasingly asked not only for route planning functions, but also for integration of the PTV Map&Guide billing standard. The PTV xServer developer components quickly convinced E/M/C, as Managing Director Martin Jöllenbeck emphasizes: "Our main criterion in the decision was the parameterization in routing and also that the software components are available in the cloud, so we always work with up-to-date data and maps."

Success in six months

E/M/C contacted PTV Group and "then everything happened very quickly," as Jöllenbeck reports: Less than six months passed between the first call and the successful integration of the new components into CareMan. Martin Jöllenbeck emphasizes that the technical implementation was completely unproblematic thanks to PTV's support. E/M/C uses the cloud version, PTV xServer internet, and uses components for mapping, routing, geocoding and route optimization.

Our customers transport the most important goods imaginable: People. With the help of PTV xServer, we make sure that transport happens quickly and gently.

Martin Jöllenbeck Managing Director E/M/C

The Results

Increase in the number of customers and customer satisfaction

Quick extension of the own software solution

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