Efficient recycling of mineral waste – with the platform of Boden & Bauschutt and PTV Developer

A digital, fully automated matching platform for trading mineral waste - this is how Managing Director Hauke Harders describes the offering of the German Boden & Bauschutt GmbH & Co. KGaA. The platform brings together producers and recyclers/disposers of soil, construction waste, road rubble and rail ballast, thus replacing the usual, manual and time-consuming search for suitable recycling sites.

"Recyclers register with the platform and deposit which waste they want to accept and at what price," Harders explains. "The producers receive automated proposals based on their declaration analysis and can choose the best offer."

This is where the PTV Developer components come into play. They are used to determine the distances between construction sites and tipping points and calculate the expected transport costs.

"We asked our partners and shareholders which routing solution they use and recommend, and it quickly became clear: If you're looking for high-quality truck route planning and transport cost calculation, then PTV and the Map&Guide standard are the way to go."

The company first thoroughly tested the PTV Developer interface. The actual integration then took place within a few days. "Completely without any problems," Harders reports. A PTV consultant was available, but they didn't need their support at all. "The PTV API is self-explanatory - in contrast to other interfaces, with which we unfortunately had completely different experiences."

The Boden & Bauschutt platform was launched in May 2022 - with big goals: "We want to become the one-stop shop for mineral waste recycling and also offer other functions in the future, such as CO2 calculation or the distinction between recycling and disposal."

The integration of the REST API worked very well and went completely smoothly. The components cover exactly what we need.

Hauke Harders Managing Director, Boden & Bauschutt GmbH & Co. KGaA

The Results

Reliable calculation of transport costs

Comprehensive service for customer

Professional truck route planning

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