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PTV Group to launch new dashboard to visualize accessibility of cities

  • PTV Access gives insight to the quality of transport infrastructure, and which modes work best for the people
  • Accessibility Score for more than 50 cities in Germany
  • Expansion planned for cities worldwide
  • First tool of a new product line of data-driven SaaS solutions for mobility analysis

PTV Access gives insight to the quality of transport infrastructure, and which modes work best for the people


Karlsruhe, 6 December 2022. PTV Group, the market leader for mobility software, launches PTV Access – a new dashboard to visualize the accessibility and mobility potential of cities.  It is the first tool of a new product line of data-driven, lightweight, SaaS-tools for mobility analysis, management, and operation to be released in the near future as part of the company’s plans to deliver easy, accessible mobility insights to its customer base. PTV Access gives insights into the quality of transport infrastructure, and which modes work best for the people. The dashboard is already available for the 50 largest German cities and will be gradually expanded to include cities worldwide.

PTV’s latest tool is powered by PTV Model2Go, a smart technology to automatize the building of standardized transport models. Basic models can be automatically set up for any city or region worldwide with just a few steps – a process that traditionally takes several months. On this basis, multimodal accessibility analyses can be carried out. In PTV Access, results are visualized on an interactive dashboard.

To demonstrate the many possibilities of the dashboard, PTV experts prepared an accessibility score for the 50 largest cities in Germany, which can be explored online:

The accessibility score indicates how well people can reach a set of common points of interest (POIs) such as schools, hospitals, shopping areas, by different modes of transport. An additional ranking shows which cities perform best in terms of walkability, biking, public transit, and driving: Munich is at the top of the ranking for all modes of transport, with Berlin and Frankfurt in the second and third spot depending on the mode.

In addition to discovering the city’s overall result, users can dive deeper into the modal accessibility of different areas of the city and compare different cities on the interactive map. Further mobility insights, such as the road network density and the proximity to public transport stops, are also available.

“Access to mobility, means access to society – to education, to jobs, to leisure. Thus, improving accessibility also means empowering people to move forward.”, says Christian U. Haas, CEO of PTV Group. “Tools for data visualization like PTV Access are incredibly valuable here. They empower city stakeholders to shape sustainable and inclusive urban environments focused on the citizen’s needs.”

The dashboard of PTV Access is being further developed and expanded - not only to include the Accessibility Scores for other countries and cities worldwide, but also to include new use cases. Additional uses for traffic flow and safety analysis, both well understood by PTV, are under consideration. The same applies to options like customization of the data and embedding of results via an API.



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Stefanie Schmidt

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The company was established in 1979. Today, approximately 900 employees worldwide work on future-oriented solutions to create intelligent and eco-friendly mobility for everyone.


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