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Don't Just Plan, Optimize Your Logistics Operation

What is Optimization?

In the logistics industry, optimization means doing more with less. It allows you to improve last mile delivery by accounting for all vehicle attributes, dock windows, HOS, and regulation to produce the best routes, schedules and cost estimates.

The results: bigger profits, less overhead, and happier drivers. PTV Group makes it all possible. Read more...


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Our Software Improves Performance

Route Optimization

Like route planning, but accounts for vehicle attributes, hours of service, driver profiles, and more. Get to every destination faster!


Geocoding & Map Data

Geocoding improves accuracy and speed with precise geographic coordinates to locations such as loading docks. 


Fleet Scheduling

Computer algorithms allow the best schedules to be made for your fleet in less time, with fewer overnight trips. Have happier drivers!


Cost Calculation

Calculate toll costs, fuel consumption and personnel expenses before hitting the road. Improve expense control for maximum profits.


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The number of routes PTV software schedules every day


Average fleet cost savings for PTV Group customers


Locations geocoded by PTV Group software each day

Add Logistics Functionality with APIs

Improve your existing software, ERP, CRM, or other systems. PTV Developer offers a variety of modules to boost productivity, such as:

  • Route planning and optimization
  • Geocoding, digital maps & data
  • Cost calculation
  • Fleet scheduling
  • Load planning

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Ready-built Logistics Software

Route planning and optimization is only one aspect of what PTV Route Optimizer can do for your logistics operation. You'll be able to add workload without expanding your staff or effort with automated routing and scheduling that accounts for vehicle attributes, route restrictions and driver profiles. Get the best routes and the best schedules from one solution.

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