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Throughout the years, we established an international community that is linked across country borders by sharing knowledge. Join the PTV Visum, PTV Vissim and PTV Vistro forums on Linkedin to connect with fellow transportation planners from around the world and engage with experts, ask questions about features and get support from experts that are always thriving to help and support you in your work.


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In order to start a conversation, ask questions or post replies on a variety of topics, all you need to do is to apply to join the forum. After the acceptance of your request, you'll have full access to the community area.

PTV Visum Forum
Discuss and share ideas using the macroscopic transportation planning software tool PTV Visum.

PTV Vissim Forum
Discuss and share ideas using the micoscopic simulation software tool PTV Vissim.

PTV Vistro Forum
Discuss and share ideas for multi-resolution urban mobility in PTV Vistro.