iHub - Intelligent IT-based platform for e-mobile, sustainable and efficient infrastructure

The aim of the iHub project is to develop an IT platform that allows logistics service providers to operate a mixed, partly electrified vehicle fleet in a cost-effective manner.

Trip planning includes both electrically operated and non-electrified vehicles. In addition to the order data referring to the cargo to be delivered, the power levels of the electric vehicles and the building’s energy management data are taken into account. The system thus makes it easier for parcel service providers to deploy electric mobility solutions without running the risk of being unable to serve all customers due to range restrictions.

Project website (German)

Development of an IT-based platform

An IT-based platform is developed for the control of building energy management, charging management, and trip management related to partially electrified vehicle fleets.

Integration of holistic mobility, platform, and logistics concepts

Intelligent integration of holistic mobility, platform, and logistics concepts is ensured by incorporating building and vehicle data into a dynamic routing and scheduling system, which is combined with new vehicle technology.