PTV Group becomes a Smart Freight Centre accredited partner

  • PTV’s logistics software solutions receive accreditation for reliable and comprehensive emission calculation
  • The GLEC Framework is a globally recognized methodology for measuring the logistics emission footprint
  • Close cooperation with Smart Freight Centre and Global Logistics Emissions Council

PTV’s logistics software solutions receive accreditation for reliable and comprehensive emission calculation


Karlsruhe, Germany; Amsterdam, Netherlands / 26 January 2023. PTV Group has been accredited by Smart Freight Centre (SFC) to provide calculations of greenhouse gas emissions for freight and logistics operations in conformance with the Global Logistics Emissions Council Framework (GLEC Framework) – the only globally recognized methodology for measuring the logistics emission footprint across the multi-modal supply chain. The certification applies to PTV’s software solutions PTV Developer, PTV Route Optimiser and PTV xServer.

Today, goods are delivered to millions of customers every day. Freight transportation generates 8% of global CO2 emission and the demand keeps growing. Reliable calculation and reporting of greenhouse gas emissions is getting increasingly important. To bring clarity into the market of various calculation tools and programs, SFC developed the GLEC Framework, an industry standard for calculation and reporting of logistics emissions. It aligns with the Greenhouse Gas Protocol, the UN-led Global Green Freight Action Plan, and Carbon Disclosure Project reporting.

Marcus Lomax, Technical Manager at SFC, said: “PTV’s suite of solutions integrate impressive routing functionalities into a high-quality tool capable of calculating freight emissions based on modelled and primary fuel consumption data. SFC is happy to have PTV join the fold as an Accredited Partner and we look forward to continue working together on a variety of different projects aimed at assessing and ultimately lowering Logistics GHG emissions.”

Steven De Schrijver, CEO of PTV Logistics, added: “The green transformation, along with securing the supply chain and cost transparency, is one of the top 3 challenges in logistics. Sustainability is a major competitive issue. Our tools deliver transparent, high-qualitative emissions calculations and we are proud that they are now aligned with  the GLEC framework – the gold standard in logistics emissions reporting. With our PTV’s world class algorithms we reduce kilometers while still delivering all orders on time. The greenest kilometer is the kilometer not driven.”

PTV Group was one of the first to launch a professional route planner with qualified emissions calculation back in 2009. The company’s solutions calculate the expected emissions of CO2, air pollutants and greenhouse gases for each trip. Smart algorithms take numerous parameters into account: For example, different vehicle classes and truck attributes such as dimension and weight, drive technology, fuel type and consumption. In addition, criteria such as the actual mileage, the load or elevation profile of a route, are also included in the emission calculation.

The SFC accreditation of GLEC-compliant tools and programs is part of its advocacy work around industry standards to report and reduce emissions. PTV Group will cooperate closely with SFC and GLEC to support their goal to guide the global logistics industry in tracking and reducing its greenhouse gas emissions by one billion tons by 2030 and to reach zero emissions by 2050 or earlier.

About Smart Freight Centre

Established in 2013, SFC is an international non-profit organization focused on reducing the emission impacts of global freight transportation. In 2014 SFC formed GLEC with more than 150 leading companies, industry associations, programs, experts and other organizations. The GLEC developed the GLEC Framework, the only globally recognized methodology for harmonized calculation and reporting of logistics GHG footprint across the multi-modal supply chain.

About PTV Logistics 

PTV Logistics is a leading global software company for planning, calculating, and optimizing transport logistics to save time and costs. With more than 40 years of experience and record-breaking algorithms in route planning and tour optimization, the software empowers logistics companies to realize the theoretical savings potential of route planning automation in practice. For more information, visit



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PTV Group has been accredited by Smart Freight Centre

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