New PTV logistics portfolio at LogiMAT 2023

  • Real-time visibility for transparent and efficient logistics processes
  • Algorithms, more powerful than ever, optimize resources and transportation costs
  • Expansion of the product and competence portfolio through merger with Conundra – the experts for fully automated optimization of transports in the cloud.
  • PTV Booth B38 in Hall 8, Stuttgart Exhibition Center

With PTV Axylog, schedulers, customers, subcontractors and drivers can exchange information in real time.


Karlsruhe, Germany, 01/31/2023. PTV Group presents its expanded logistics portfolio for the first time at LogiMAT from April 25 - 27, 2023: Through new corporate mergers, the logistics expert has been able to sustainably expand its portfolio – and has optimum solutions with state-of-the-art development at the ready for stable and yet simultaneously sustainable supply chains: PTV Axylog ensures real-time visibility along the supply chain, while OptiFlow uses outstanding algorithms to take logistics optimization to a whole new level. In combination with the proven trip planning solution PTV Optimiser and the functions provided by PTV Developer Components, visitors to PTV’s exhibition booth B38 in Hall 8 will be immersed in the logistics world of the future. 

Real-time transportation visibility platform

Today’s logistics service providers must stay agile in order to be able to react quickly and flexibly to new disruptive events. A prerequisite for optimal performance is real-time visibility along the supply chain. PTV Axylog provides live updates on the location and status of transportation vehicles for this purpose. For example, the tool takes information from a wide range of telematics systems as well as traffic or weather data into account in order to determine a precise time of arrival (ETA). The software solution improves the efficiency of the entire transportation process through automated, paperless workflows. This allows electronic proof of delivery (ePoD) to be processed in real time and transmitted to those responsible or to the system without any significant delay. PTV Axylog can display and track all types of transportation – from transportation of full truck load (FTL) and less than truck load (LTL) to last-mile delivery.

This algorithm could even be record-breaking!

At the heart of any trip planning is the problem of capacitive trip optimization. Added to the limited capacity of the trucks are other restrictions and, of course, time constraints. With OptiFlow, the transportation service provider can solve the complex puzzle of distribution in a flash: In close cooperation with KU Leuven university, algorithms have been developed that work faster and more precisely than even the best academic algorithms. The software is now expanding PTV Group's logistics portfolio.

Solutions for low transportation costs and more sustainability

In addition to the new components in the PTV logistics portfolio, the proven PTV solutions for logistics optimization are also part of the presentation: The software for complex logistics optimization, PTV Route Optimiser, as well as the new generation of logistics and geographic APIs, PTV Developer. The portfolio therefore focuses not only on optimal trip planning, but also on the greatest possible cost optimization, automated scheduling and time savings – which ultimately leads to sustainable logistics solutions.

Advanced SaaS products and prospects

Following the acquisition of the leading provider of transport monitoring, Axylog, PTV Group integrated the Belgian trip planning software provider Conundra into its global logistics portfolio at the end of 2022. Through the merger, PTV is continuing its global consolidation course and further strengthening its logistics product range. The merging of Conundra’s advanced SaaS products with PTV’s software solutions opens up additional potential for innovation and growth. Logistics expert Oliver Mangas, Director Customer Excellence at PTV, is enthusiastic: “By bundling expertise between PTV and Conundra in the field of trip optimization, a strong new logistics portfolio has been created, which we are putting our hearts and minds into for our customers.”

About PTV Logistics (PTV Logistics & Conundra)

PTV Logistics is a leading global software company for planning, calculating, and optimizing transport logistics to save time and costs. With more than 40 years of experience and record-breaking algorithms in route planning and tour optimization, the software empowers logistics companies to realize the theoretical savings potential of route planning automation in practice. For more information, visit


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New PTV logistics portfolio at LogiMAT 2023