Optimization of last mile delivery

The last mile is expensive, very expensive. Depending on the type of delivery, it accounts for up to 50% of transport costs. Every failed delivery attempt, traffic jam or wrong turn, drives up the costs. Increasing efficiency is therefore a top priority. 

A route planning software, such as PTV Route Optimiser, is essential for last mile delivery. Even if the dispatcher is familiar with the delivery area, manual route planning can’t consider all parameters and factors. When every mile driven counts, tours must be optimized according to time, distance, and cost. 

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Optimizing utilization of vehicles 

To prevent empty runs and low loads on the last mile, it’s important to assign the right type of vehicle. In the PTV solutions, various vehicle profiles, tailored to your fleet, are created and considered during planning. In addition, the software optimizes the loading capacities and ensures better utilization of the vehicles. 

More successful first delivery attempts 

No one is at home. The driver has to return without delivering and to try again the next day. While this scenario cannot be completely avoided, its occurrence can be significantly reduced. Our routing and route planning solutions provide the decisive building block for this: A precise ETA that can be sent directly to customers. To increase your reliability, the ETA calculation includes historical traffic data, construction sites, driving and rest times, and vehicle-specific average speeds. 

Staying flexible 

Even the best route planning does not protect against unforeseen events: an accident on the planned route, a technical defect in the vehicle, or an urgent last-minute order. To avoid the resulting delays and rising costs, flexibility is needed. The dispatcher can send an updated ETA from the system, add new orders to a route via drag-and-drop, or redistribute the shipments to another vehicle. With just a few clicks, the route is again optimized. 

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