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Cost pressure, digitization, shortage of drivers, supply bottlenecks, decarbonization – the logistics industry is facing major challenges. Can your route planning process help overcome them?   


Learn how to boost your efficiency and competitiveness. In this eGuide we explain: 

  • How a route planning software works
  • Who can benefit from a software solution
  • What to look for when choosing a software vendor

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Take your route and distribution planning to a new level. PTV's software and API solutions automatically schedule all your orders, create optimized, efficiency-oriented routes, and consider all relevant parameters, time windows, vehicle types and restrictions.  

The result? Faster and more transparent planning, a significant reduction in transport costs, improved punctuality and compliance with SLAs, efficient use of resources – and in addition reduction of CO2 emissions. 

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...what are you waiting for to calculate your optimization potential?

30M routes per day

Our customers plan and optimize more than 30 million routes with PTV software each day.

17% in cost savings

Our customers are able to save up to 17% in annual transport costs with PTV software.

40,000 tons of CO₂ saved

Our customers save more than 40,000 tons of CO₂ per day thanks to our optimization technology.

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