• Simulation neuer verkehrlichen Verhaltensmuster aufgrund von Umleitungen
  • Simulation von Umleitungsmaßnahmen, wie z. B. Wechselverkehrszeichen oder Polizeibeamte auf den Straßen
  • Schnelle Bewertung der bestmöglichen Umleitungen ala Reaktion auf Baustellen oder Störungen im Netz


Hi, I am Luca Paone, Principal Product Manager for Traffic Management at PTV Group. Today I want to talk about rerouting events in Optima.

For this demonstration I will use the Estimated Forecast layer in Optima to observe the forecast and think about an alternative route.

Please remember that Optima simulates on the blue segments, while the complete set of segments, that are called streets, is depicted in cyan colour. Since some streets are simply not meaningful to be simulated.

So if I see a problem along this important road here, and observe the problem starting from the left roundabout until another one ahead, what we can do as a traffic manager is to define the rerouting that could be enforced, so that all the people coming from the left of the roundabout up to the end of the problem will have to follow a different path, for example around a neighbourhood in the north.

Please note how easy it is to draw quickly the right route: the system really helps you in real-time also with quick tips, and advices about how to draw it correctly.

We ensure now that we click at the end of the main path that was defined and we also have to define the compliance rate for the alternative.

In this case it is 1 against 0 because we are enforcing it, but we can choose also different rates.

We accept the current sketch of the route and we can save the event.

After the simulation we are going to observe the forecast in Optima.

We can also retrieve the results from the API and from a KPI for the path that we may have defined before.

So, once the simulation is completed, as we hoped we see now that in 10 minutes in the future the system predicts a better situation where before it was orange. The congestion is diminished according to the simulation.

Thanks to Optima the Traffic Manager knows in advance that the situation is under control.

The new PTV Optima 2022 release is out now: ask for a live demo by filling the contact form on our website.