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Customers’ demands regarding home deliveries have grown in recent years. Products should arrive quickly, punctually, and ideally at the time selected by the customer. If a customer is not satisfied with the delivery, they will probably order next time from somewhere else. To keep up with this market, home delivery providers must be quick, flexible, and transparent in their communication. 

For successful home delivery operations, a professional route planning software is a must. It ensures efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and resource optimization, while providing customers with the best possible service. 

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Fast planning, fast delivery 

E-commerce is moving toward Next Day Delivery, or even Same Day Delivery. Customers would like to select – during the ordering process - an exact time window for delivery, or at least know the date of delivery with certainty. With PTV Route Optimiser or our developer components, you are up to this trend. The route planning software is based on a highly efficient, algorithm-based method for routing calculation. It enables daily, and even real-time, planning. With the software, it is also possible to plan pickups and the formation of executable delivery areas according to accessibility and service levels. 

Diverse kinds of home deliveries 

Food, clothing, furniture - the huge diversity of the goods delivered is a challenge for route planners. The big difference between goods is especially felt at the points of delivery: curbside, front doors, storage facilities, or over-the-threshold. Some deliveries also require more manpower (e.g., assembling of a kitchen), an identity check, trained technicians, or a special vehicle (e.g., with cooling). While delivering a regular package takes just a few seconds, the delivery and installation of a new oven takes much longer. The PTV route planning solutions can take all these parameters into account during the route planning, and assign to each order the right personnel, vehicles, and equipment. 

Transparent communication 

A small package can be handed to a neighbor, but a new sofa cannot. Therefore, most deliveries require the presence of the customer. Our software products automatically calculate a precise and reliable ETA and share it with customers and partners. This increases the chance of a successful first delivery attempt. And if no one is home, the dispatcher can contact the customer and suggest an alternative delivery date – all with support from the software which will fit it into the route plan. 

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