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Cycling is one of the key factors to drive sustainability and quality of life. Therefore, cities around the world have made it their goal to adapt their infrastructure and promote bike lanes. Our mission is to empower those who want to drive cycling forward. With the intuitive bike lane planner, anyone can easily design and share their ideas - whether they are an urban planner or a cyclist. Data-based, methodologically sound, and comprehensible for a broad audience.

  • Execute & visualize KPI-supported potential analyses
  • Easily sketch the potential analyses with corridor design
  • Convert existing infrastructure into efficient bicycle lanes
  • Share results & basis for decision making with relevant stakeholders

Software as easy as riding a bike

Log in and get started: Get an overview of the 'big picture' of your bikeway project with initial analyses without having to go through a complex process. Versatile editing and comparison functions give you the ability to compare multiple variants and scenarios and evaluate them objectively to select the optimal bikeway design.

Quality through sound
methodology & data

A variety of out-of-the-box data layers, with information on residential population & jobs, data on academics, commuting and more, ensure a sound potential analysis for potential bike lane corridors.

Project and customer-specific data, such as environmental zone areas, new construction areas and population growth figures can also be included and visualized. This ensures that your planning considers all individual and project-relevant data.

Reliable planning results

Key performance indicators (KPIs) and visualizations such as elevation profiles and average speeds over the entire route, provide a clear and quickly graspable evaluation of the drawn corridor.

Three of the most bike-friendly cities in the world trust in PTV

Münster, Germany's model bicycle city

40% of the citizens travel by bicycle - supported by cycle lanes and parking facilities at traffic junctions

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Amsterdam - One city, 5 million bikes

Benefiting from a bicycle lane network of about 500 km, 10,000 bicycle parking facilities and additional secured bicycle parking houses, 58% of the inhabitants ride bicycles every day

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