Projects at a glance

Further projects

Finished projects (selection)

Active Mobility

  • Bycicle Parking at railway stations
  • FLOW - Creating Opportunities For More Walking and Cycling
  • National Cycling plan

Alternative Drives

  • eMerge - Connecting eMobility
  • IeMM - Intermodal eMobility Management
  • iHub - IT-supported platform for integrating electric trucks into the fleet
  • iZeus - Intelligent Zero Emission Urban System
  • Metropol-E - Sustainable e-charging infrastructure

Automated and connected driving

  • CoEXist - Coexistence of automated and conventional vehicles
  • C-Mobile - Accelerating C-ITS-Mobility Innovation and depLoyment in Europe
  • Easyride - New transport services
  • LEA(small)bus - Automated and electric (small) buses in public transport

Transport Planning/Urban Logistics

  • AEOLIX - Architecture for EurOpean Logistics Information eXchange
  • BESTFACT - Best Practice Factory for Freight Transport
  • Clusters 2.0 - Open network of hyper connected logistics clusters
  • LaMiLo - Last Mile Logistics
  • Modulushca - Modular Logistics Units in Shared Co-Modal Networks
  • Transforming Transport - A new transport paradigm

Mobility in rural areas

  • Integrated mobility concept North Frisland

Allocation of shared space

  • MORE - Multi-modal Optimisation of Road-space in Europe

Road safety/Resilience of critical infrastructure

  • RITUN - Traffic impacts of the unavailability of road tunnels
  • SIRENE - Secure and Intelligent Road Emergency Network
  • SKRIBT(+) - Protection of critical bridges and tunnels
  • U-THREAT - Resilience of underground public transport systems to ensure availability

Urban Mobility

  • New forms of mobility, mobility stations and urban design
  • Smart Cities - Urban Transport for the day after tomorrow
  • Smart Station - The station as a gateway to multimodal mobility