Sustainable Logistics 

Sustainable route planning is possible: By using a route planning software such as PTV Route Optimiser, you can reduce the CO2 emissions of your logistics operations by up to 17%.  

The software ensures optimized routes, a reduction in the number of kilometers driven and a higher utilization of the vehicles. This not only benefits the environment, but also your company. At a time when “green logistics” are in high demand, climate-friendly and climate-neutral shipping will give you a competitive advantage. 


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Reduce fuel consumption and mileage 

The calculation is quite simple: fewer kilometers driven means less fuel consumption, and less CO2 emissions. The PTV software solutions offer a number of features and benefits to reduce mileage and fuel consumption: 

  • "Shortest route" can be selected as the optimization goal during the route calculation process. 

  • When planning a route, historical traffic data is considered and traffic jams are avoided. 

  • The software calculates feasible tours. This means less time pressure on drivers, encouraging them to drive more evenly and fuel-efficiently. 

  • Notification with precise ETA ensures a higher percentage of successful first delivery attempts. 

  • For electric vehicles, individual vehicle profiles can be created and considered during route planning. 

Use resources more efficiently  

Empty runs are not only expensive, but also bad for the environment. The algorithms of PTV Route Optimiser and PTV Developer therefore calculates the most efficient routes possible, with optimally utilized vehicles, including pick-ups and returns. Depending on the initial situation, this results in fewer kilometers driven, and even in sparing of whole vehicles.  
The software also ensures that the right vehicle is selected for each tour. For example, a full van is sent instead of a barely loaded 40-tonne truck. 

Calculate emissions 

For customers, it is increasingly important that their goods are delivered in a climate-friendly manner. But do you even know how many emissions your transport operations cause? Our solutions PTV Route Optimiser and PTV Developer calculate the expected CO2 emissions for each journey and prepare an emissions report. You can then communicate the information to your customers or use it as a basis for compensation measures.  
In addition, you can use this balance sheet to estimate what additional costs you would incur as a result of a CO2 tax. 

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