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In a rapidly changing mobility world, cities are looking for daring ideas to revolutionize the way people move. Ideas for real-time traffic management, emissions reduction, effective mobility hubs, and much more. 

PTV Group invites you to discover the technology to make these ideas a reality - for the benefit of all mobility users. We empower you with innovative and integrated technology for real-time data analysis, visualization, modeling, and simulation – so you can prepare for any scenario and plan mobility for a better future.

We look forward to meeting you at #ITSWC2022, so we can support you in achieving your mobility goals.

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Hear from our experts in these dedicated sessions in the program

MOD/MaaS Global Forum: Advancing Inclusive, Safe, and Sustainable Mobility in 2022

Date & time: September, 18, 2022 - 13:00 - 16:00pm PDT

  • Christian U. Haas, CEO at PTV Group
  • Nicole DuPuis, ITS America
  • Marcel Porras, LADOT
  • Roelof Hellemans, MaaS Alliance

About the session:

This Global Forum will be jointly sponsored by ITS AmericaERTICO, the MaaS Alliance, and ITS Asia-Pacific. The event will provide an opportunity to hear from regional leaders and subject matter experts, and interactively engage in discussions with peers, to explore the current state of Mobility on Demand (MOD) and Mobility as a Service (MaaS) in the global transportation ecosystem. Discussion will highlight topics such as the sustainability implications and opportunities associated with MOD/MaaS, as well as what can be done to improve access to and adoption of these tools and services. Please join us for this exciting, in-person event. To participate, please register below.

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Quantification of the Impact of Big Events on Traffic with PTV Optima

Date & time: September, 21, 2022 - 8:00am - 9:30am
Speaker: Chiara Cianella, Manager Professional Services - Mobility Realtime (PTV Sistema) 

About the session:

Traffic is regularly affected by daily demand fluctuations, due to demand patterns, small variations, weather conditions, and other factors influencing the mobility demand behavior. Local time-limited activities can also affect mobility demand, ranging from small (a shop opening) to large events (Olympics, World Cups, commercial fairs, concerts). In this paper we describe a methodology to allow traffic operators and planners to perform quantified assessments of the impact of such events on traffic, to make more informed decisions, in short- and longer-term perspective.

This methodology has been implemented in PTV Optima and deployed in the Traffic Control Centre of Rome (Italy), which will go live in 2022 to support the local Mobility Agency traffic operators to estimate the impacts of events on urban mobility given the expected number of participants and evaluate alternative strategies to improve the traffic conditions.

Full agenda

Perceived Travel Time under Detailed Signal Modelling in Macroscopic Dynamic Traffic Assignment for Real-time Network-wide Signal Optimization with PTV Optima

Date & time: September, 21, 2022 - 8:00am - 9:30am
Speaker: Lorenzo Meschini, Vice President Product Management Real-time (PTV Sistema)

About the session:

In this session we present a methodology to properly handle actuated signal plans within macroscopic dynamic traffic simulation, in the context of Dynamic User Equilibrium and Dynamic Network Loading. This allows to consider the actual delays due to the presence of traffic lights, allowing for a more realistic representation of queues at signalized junctions, including the synchronization effects between adjacent intersections (i.e. “green wave”).
We introduce an innovative formulation of the perceived travel time underlying the dynamic route choice in the context of perfect information (proper of the User Equilibrium) and in presence of noisy impedances, like the one derived from pulsing signals.

The methodology was implemented in TRE, the model-based traffic forecast solution of PTV Optima and has gone live in 2021 in the City of York (UK), to support Network Monitoring Operators to adopt a more pro-active approach in monitoring and influencing network performances.

Full agenda

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#transmove: An inspiring tool for a new age of traffic management

Dates & times:

  • September 19, 2022 - 13:30 pm - 13:50 pm 
  • September 20, 2022 - 13:30 pm - 13:50 pm 

Speakers: Marina Zöfeld & René Binnewerg, DigiLab of the agency of streets, bridges and waters (Landesbetrieb Straßen, Brücken und Gewässer) at the city of Hambur, Germany
Location: PTV Group booth #1539

About the session:

Germany’s second-largest city, Hamburg, relies on intelligent traffic management to predict its mobility and make better decisions. This is being done by #transmove – an inspiring tool for a new age of traffic management, powered by PTV Optima. The IT-project #transmove being implemented by the DigiLab of the agency of streets, bridges and waters (Landesbetrieb Straßen, Brücken und Gewässer) in the city of Hamburg forms the basis of all intelligent mobility decisions for the near and distant future. The tool enables traffic and city planners as well as citizens to make mobility forecasts quickly and reliably – directly from the workplace desk or easily from the mobile app.

Real-time traffic management with PTV Optima 2022

Date & time: September, 21, 2022 - 11:00am - 11:20am 
Speaker: Luca Paone, Principal Product Manager Traffic Management, PTV SISTeMA
Location: PTV Group booth #1539

About the session:

From extreme weather events to roadworks and police activity – traffic networks experience unexcepted events that strain them to the limit. To address this challenge, we'll demonstrate how PTV Optima empowers traffic operators to efficiently manage traffic trough:

  • Broader modeling of demand events including bad weather, mass public events, and evacuations
  • Easy simulating of traffic deviations and rerouting events such as variable message sign panels and police officers
  • Sensitive modeling of signal optimization and contingency plans
  • Auto-update of live traffic data maps

Furthermore, we will talk about the new interface with Centracs by Econolite that allows PTV Optima to be deployed seamlessly in any NTCIP system in the U.S. and elsewhere!

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Principal Product Manager Traffic Management  


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Manager Professional Services - Mobility Realtime 



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