• Selbstaktualisierung von neuen OpenLR-Kartencodes im Live-Verkehrsdatenstrom
  • Keine Dienstunterbrechungen bei Aktualisierungen der Karte im Live-Datenstrom
  • Verbesserte Leistung der Schnittstellen für Live-Verkehrsdaten


Hi, I am Alessandro Attanasi and I am Software Engineering Manager for PTV Real-time products.

Today I introduce you the new feature of TomTom traffic data connector available in the new Optima release, 2022.

The map update by the traffic data providers is a process which happens automatically in the data feeds, without any disconnection of the streaming channel nor any notification. Nowadays, these updates have become very frequent: typically every 2 weeks at most your data map is updated.

In the less robust products this causes troubles, which can range from a reading slowdown, to a generalized data loss, which increases each map updates. Check the data you are downloading: you might be reading less than 10% of the available information.

Now Optima allows the traffic control centre to listen at the Real-Time Traffic stream by TomTom, without ever requiring any downtime of the service when the TomTom live feed map is updated.

The new PTV Optima 2022 release is now available: ask for a live demo by filling our contact form on the website!