U-THREAT - Resilience of underground public transport systems to ensure availability

In underground public transport systems, even small disturbances can lead to major impairments. The German-French research project U-THREAT, in which PTV is involved, is working to further increase the resilience of underground transport networks.

PTV is concentrating on the development of a procedure to determine the operational vulnerability of underground public transport stops, including their significance for the overall network. The method is based on macroscopic transport demand models. It is also embedded in an overall process that includes vulnerability assessment from the building and user's point of view. The overall procedure forms the basis for increasing the resilience of public transport systems. PTV is also working on the question of whether and to what extent new forms of mobility can be used in the event of a damage to the public transport system, in order to prepare modal shifts and to mitigate the effects of the breakdown.

U-THREAT is part of the programme "Research for Civil Security" (www.sifo.de) and is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) and the French National Agency for Research (ANR) within the framework of the funding call "Future Security in Urban Spaces".

Identification of critical public transport stops

Within the framework of the project, a transferable procedure for identifying critical stops will be developed and applied as an example.

Vulnerability assessment of stops

A transferable procedure will be developed and tested in an exemplary manner to determine the vulnerability of critical stops and evaluate measures to improve them. 

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