regiomove - Mobility-on-demand

The project aims at developing the Karlsruhe Transport Association from a classical Public Transport Association into a mobility association for the Karlsruhe Technology Region.

The project funded by the European Commission and the state of Baden-Württemberg, intends on the one hand to provide information, booking and payment for various mobility services (e. g. public transport, car and bike sharing) from a single source.

On the other hand the various existing mobility offers at hubs - so-called ports -  will be expanded.

These measures are designed to facilitate easy access and/or transfer between different modes of transport and thus provide a worthwhile alternative to private cars.

Project partners:

Planning of locations and services of ports

Based on an extensive demand and location analysis, the actual location of the different ports with the required service supply will be determined.For example, 3 CarSharing places for cars/vehicles, 10 BikeSharing places for bicycles, 10 bicycle boxes, 5 charging stations and a bakery are required at Port A. The required methods will be developed together with project partners.

Analysis of MaaS offers

The effect of "mobility as a service" offers, such as ride sharing or ride pooling for different operating concepts, will be evaluated with the newly developed PTV software MaaS-Modeller.

Intermodal routing for real-time travel planning

PTV will develop a dynamic, intermodal travel planning for the comprehensive information system.

Project website

You can find more information on our activities on the topic pages Climate protection in transport and Shared mobility and multimodality.