R4R - Ready for Smart City Robots? - Multimodal maps for autonomous micromobiles

The use of automated delivery robots requires highly refined, digital environment maps to ensure that they reach their destination safely and without interference.

The aim of the project is the cost-effective generation of open digital maps for the planning and operation of autonomously operating micromobiles. The required data will be collected with the help of bicycle-based strategies. These will be compiled in a data platform. It will be examined whether the data is suitable for the use of delivery robots and autonomous transport bicycles in real operations. For this purpose, delivery robots or transport bikes will be used in two real test operations using the maps created. Secondly, the project will ensure that the data collected is also suitable for creating simulation environments in PTV Vissim. Such simulation environments can be used to determine the impact of autonomous micromobiles on the urban transport system before the implementation of delivery services and, if necessary, to develop strategies for better integration. PTV will investigate the following questions as part of the project:

What data is required for the microscopic simulation of delivery robots? Which of the collected data can be used for microscopic simulations? What effort is involved in setting up microscopic simulation environments using these data? Do the results of the microsimulation deviate from the prototypical operation and can a better agreement be achieved by adjusting individual parameters of the simulation?

Supporting the conception of the data platform

PTV contributes the requirements from microsimulation during the conception of the data platform and thus ensures that simulation environments can be set up faster.

Setting up the simulation environment incl. simulation of concrete scenarios

PTV demonstrates the set-up of simulation environments using two examples.

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