ModelRad - Status quo and development options of the data basis for the modelling of cycling traffic

Inventory of current and necessary parameters for realistic cycling modelling

The project ModelRad pursues the goal of carrying out a kind of inventory of the current database for a realistic bicycle traffic modeling, and consequently to show parameters that can be used in macroscopic modeling in the future.

The focus of these parameters is on the mode and route selection. With the mode selection, the influencing factors that lead to the choice of the bicycle as a means of transport are examined, in the route selection this decision has already been made for the bicycle, in the interest here is the route that is driven by bicycle.

Projekt Website (Federal Ministry for Digital and Transport)

Cooperation room concept

The cooperation space concept describes the extent and quality of the supply services to be provided, makes statements on suitable infrastructure locations in the sense of "demographically viable", "centrally located", and "readily available" and makes proposals for the spatial layout of the cooperation rooms.

Mobility concept

The integrated mobility concept includes both conventional public transport services as well as innovative proposals for solutions, such as: Mobility offers based on civic action or approaches from the field of electromobility.

Demonstration projects

The findings gained in North Friesland are now included in the model project initiated by BMVI "Long-term safeguarding of supply and mobility in rural areas" with 20 other regions.