MFS - Mobility and Fuels Strategy

The Mobility and Fuels Strategy (MFS) describes the required measures for the different transport modes in the transport sector to meet the climate and energy policy objectives. Since 2015, we have been advising BMVI in the context of scientific monitoring of the MFS.


For this purpose, PTV develops and evaluates various measures taken in the context of charging infrastructure for alternative fuels, as well as improved handling strategies (off the roads onto the railways) and the use of hybrid catenary trucks or the extension of the electrified rail system. By bundling measures and optimising their introduction schedules, it is possible to create road maps enabling effective decarbonisation of transport.

(Image source: BMVI, dena)

Assessments as a basis for decision-makers in politics

The calculations and assessments provided by PTV are used by the Federal Government as a basis for its decisions with regard to the development of the MFS.

International exchange of know-how

Germany and China recently signed a memorandum of understanding which aims at promoting the exchange of information between Germany and the metropolitan region of Beijing with regard to this topic.

You can find more information on our activities on the topic pages Climate protection in transport and Evaluation of Traffic Systems.