LaMiLo - Last Mile Logistics

LaMiLo has moved away from the standard approach with regard to the supply of goods by including the last mile of the supply chain in the transport route.

The aim is to establish an efficient and integrated logistics approach throughout North-West Europe (NWE). The project brings together experts from all areas of freight transport and the industry in order to change the behaviour of private businesses, the public sector and consumers and to make better use of existing transport infrastructure and networks. 

Minimising the volume of supply transport

The volume of supply transport could be significantly reduced through the consolidation of goods.

Reducing pollutant emissions

The deployment of electric vehicles helps reduce pollutant emissions. At the same time it allows for more flexible delivery times.

Applying solutions to other cities

The LaMiLo solutions tested in real-life scenarios can be applied to large and medium-sized European cities with little or even no effort at all.