IeMM - Intermodal eMobility Management

In partnership with public transport operators, the I-eMM project team analysed multiple aspects concerning travel demand and operations in order to create a range of high quality eMobility services.

To quantify the expected demand, they conducted a mobility pattern analysis and several user surveys. Business processes were analysed based on the new mobility concepts and appropriate business models were identified. The results were incorporated into the design of an integrated booking and billing system that offers users a one-stop-shop for their regional mobility services.

Project website

Expansion of public transport services

The range of mobility services provided by public transport operators will be expanded and updated by integrating an e-vehicle fleet into the CarSharing system.

Intermodal information services

Real-time information on public transport services and the availability of e-vehicles as part of a car sharing fleet provide clients with customised e-intermodal services. PTV Group has developed several navigation solutions, including a range calculator.

E-intermodal transport models

Demand forecasts and transport models for e-intermodal transport were developed as part of this project.