Redesign of the Cycling Strategy 2030 of the State of Brandenburg

A new and comprehensive cycling strategy is aiming to further promote  cycling in the state of Brandenburg.

In 2030, 60% of the distances in the state of Brandenburg are to be covered by using environmentally friendly modes of transport. This is stated in the coalition agreement from 2019. In order to create such a mobility transformation, the share of cycling in particular must be significantly increased – which means that more people need to use bicycles more often. This is to be achieved with a comprehensive strengthening of cycling based on an ambitious cycling strategy.

PTV GmbH and PTV Transport Consult, together with appm GmbH and IdeenGut, are working on behalf of the Ministry of Infrastructure of the State of Brandenburg to develop a strategy that understands cycling very comprehensively. The fields of activity range from the anchoring of cycling in politics and society, to the planning and implementation of a self-explanatory and forgiving infrastructure to aspects of mobility education and the bicycle industry.

Significant impulses for this come from other federal strategies related to mobility as well as the National Cycling Plan 3.0. A list of measures is the basis for the implementation of the strategy. This will include specific measures, responsibilities, implementation periods and the rough budgets.


Understanding cycling as a joint task

The implementation of the strategy will only succeed if cycling is understood as a joint task of various actors in the country. Therefore, their contents are already being developed and sharpened together with numerous representatives of the state, the municipalities and associations as part of a comprehensive participation process with online surveys and stakeholder workshops.

In the first half of 2023, the starting signal is to be given for the joint implementation of the cycling strategy.

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