Metropol-E: Electromobility Rhine-Ruhr

Development of a settlement-oriented model for sustainable e-charging infrastructure.

Within the framework of the project Metropol-E funded by the Federal Ministry for Transport and Digital Infrastructure, PTV developed the concept of ​​a "settlement-oriented model for the sustainable development and promotion of e-charging infrastructure" proposed by the National Platform for Electromobility (NPE).

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Settlement-oriented model for sustainable development and promotion of e-charging infrastructure (SIMONE)

The settlement-oriented model for sustainable development and the promotion of the e-charging infrastructure (SIMONE) enables needs-oriented planning and distribution of the publicly accessible charging infrastructure. Because of the different use of the area and the associated user volume and behavior in different urban areas, a specific demand for loading infrastructure arises.

SIMONE - planning instrument

The Microsoft Excel-based SIMONE planning tool allows to estimate the loading infrastructure requirements as well as their needs-based distribution for several installation stages.

SIMONE - guide

Citizen participation and stakeholder involvement will be stimulated on the topic of automated and connected driving in the city of Aachen.