AVEAS- Collect, analyse and simulate traffic-critical situations

Mapping of critical real traffic situations in the simulation for testing future automated driving functions

To safeguard future automated driving functions, simulations will be of considerable importance in the future. For this reason, the AVEAS project is pursuing the goal of recording critical situations in real traffic and making them usable in scenarios for behavioural simulations.

Initially, extensive real data on traffic behaviour will be collected in the project using car infrastructure and airborne measurement systems equipped for this purpose, taking into account all applicable data protection requirements. The collected data will then be processed in a next step and released in an automation process for the use of the partners through a database.

As part of a traffic simulation, the recorded scenarios are presented in order to virtually test automated driving functions on the one hand, and to evaluate the interactions between driving functions and other road users on the other.

Systematic collection of time-resolved traffic data

Extensive real data is collected under data protection conditions in order to be able to simulate suitable traffic-critical scenarios in the image of real traffic.

Creation of a database that can be used in the project and beyond in order to be able to process real traffic situations anonymously

The data on traffic situation collected in AVEAS is also made available to other users in a database.

Behavior simulation with Vissim to represent traffic-critical situations in road traffic

Traffic simulation in Vissim recreates selected traffic-critical situations and enables virtual evaluation of automated driving functions.


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