Smart truck route planning leads to major savings

Omega Pilzno is one of Poland’s biggest transport and logistics companies. With a fleet of over 700 vehicles, it provides about 6,000 land transport trips a month across Europe.

To maintain its innovation and to compete effectively with other carriers, Omega Pilzno looked for a routing system. It chose PTV Map&Guide, the software for truck route planning and optimization. With it, the company’s planners now accurately estimate the cost of each trip and plan the best routes.

Until then, the company used multiple tools to plan trips. But they only displayed approximate costs, that were often non-profitable for the company. For example, results usually pointed to the shortest route from A to B, without considering road tolls that significantly increased the rate per kilometer.

Thanks to PTV Map&Guide, the dispatcher can easily see the cost of each trip and analyze the break-even point. The software analyzes all transport restrictions, including:

  • various tolls of roads, tunnels, and bridges
  • legal restrictions on trucks and hazardous goods: vehicle size, weight, and axle load limits
  • driving restrictions: for example on vehicles above 3.5 tons, or “residents only” roads

In addition, PTV Map&Guide displays updated information about the traffic situation and long-term construction sites, both of which affect the route planning. Importantly, PTV Map&Guide regularly updates about road toll rates in European countries, including any planned changes.

PTV Map&Guide enables comparison between multiple scenarios, and creates more profitable proposals, ensuring full certainty of costs and the best possible route choice.

After a quick implementation process, the route planning process at Omega Pilzno drastically changed. Before, a driver would contact a planner, who assigned them a route; the driver then communicated it to the person calculating transport costs. With PTV Map&Guide, only one person handles all these tasks: The dispatcher has all the data and can prepare a price estimate in seconds. This means the customer immediately gets the estimated cost of transport, which gives Omega Pilzno a competitive edge.

“Thanks to PTV Map&Guide, we know exactly what road tolls we must pay and what route we need to follow. This ensures significant savings for the company”

Piotr Bryg Billing consultant and advisor on recruiting drivers, Omega Pilzno

The Results

Certainty that best routes are selected

Company saves money on road toll costs

Quick planning process: Customers get immediate quotes

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