Refreshingly efficient: Beverage manufacturer VILSA optimizes its route planning process

For food and beverage (F&B) companies it is essential to be able to efficiently respond to extreme fluctuations in demand. Therefore, VILSA-BRUNNEN Otto Rodekohr GmbH, market leader in the mineral water segment in northern Germany and supplier of the largest range of non-alcoholic soft drinks, has opted for a route planning software that is both reliable and flexible.

Logistics bottleneck

VILSA-BRUNNEN's high-performance plant fills 500 million bottles of naturally pure mineral water a year. These are transported from the site in Bruchhausen-Vilsen, a climatic health resort in northern Germany, to VILSA-BRUNNEN’s customers. Challenged by seasonal peaks, a wide variety of customer-specific restrictions, different vehicle types and multi-shift planning - VILSA-BRUNNEN’s logistics planning process is extremely complex. "Owing to this complexity, even experienced dispatchers quickly reach their limits," says Stephan Fitzner, Head of Logistics at VILSA-BRUNNEN. "We supply some customers at fixed times, others within defined time slots - 24 hours a day. However, if a certain number of vehicles and different vehicle types is exceeded, this task can hardly be solved optimally."

Route planning can take a load off dispatchers

That’s why the logistics department wanted to introduce a new system which would make logistics planning more transparent while saving time and cost. Thanks to the new route planning software PTV Route Optimiser the beverage company has been able to reduce their planning time by 50%. "In the past, we had to do a lot of manual readjustments, which cost us a lot of time," sums up the logistics manager. "The PTV Route Optimiser software takes a huge amount of pressure off us. The tool allows us to schedule more than 100 trips in two to three hours. Even with seasonal peaks, scheduling runs relatively smoothly and easily."

The more flexible, intelligent and faster the route planning software, the higher our performance. And this is clearly reflected in the planning results that we’ve achieved using PTV Route Optimiser."

Malte Wünderlich, Logistics Manager at VILSA-BRUNNEN

The Results

Flexible, intelligent routes despite complex framework conditions

Reduced planning time & transport costs, increased transparency

Connection to telematics, TMS, ERP and WWS

Less emissions

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