PTV Vistro Session 7: Building Bigger Models using Merge & Update Tools

This session covers:

How to merge models in PTV Vistro
- Easily combine small projects scattered across a city, to make one city-wide model.
- Convert competitor models into PTV Vistro, and stitch them together.
- Create and insert PTV Vistro templates and examples of complex intersections into any Vistro model to streamline efforts.

How to update models in PTV Vistro
- It's now possible to update base models and scenario data, such as signal timing, geometry and lane configurations, and volumes using an import update tool.
- This feature is great for updating peak period time-of-day information or updating base model data from a test scenario.
- With this tool, you can also convert a competitor's numerous time-of-day model files into one managed PTV Vistro model utilizing scenario management.

Presented by Adam Lynch, PTV Group

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