PTV Vissim Transit Priority & Preemption

Date: March 2, 2022

Time: 1:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m. EST

Location: Online

Description: In this half-day course you will learn and apply the principles of a Ring-Barrier Controllers Transit Signal Priority and Preemptionmethods; learning how to place the necessary network objects (detectors and signal heads) as well as how to program the logic into an existing PTV Vissim network.

Transit Signal Priority (TSP) provides additional green timing within acycle to a specific phase when activated to reduce delay for that movement if the conditions are right. Preemption shuts down an intersection to allow a specific movement to traverse the intersection unimpeded.

Who should attend: Experienced PTV Vissimusers from all disciplines, signal control modeling experience helpful.

Prerequisites: Vissim Introduction or equivalent experience generating microsimulation network models.Basicknowledge or experience in ring-barrier signal control logic preferred. 


  • TSP Check-In/Check-Out Detection
  • TSP Transit Stop Departure Detection
  • TSP Early Green Priority
  • TSP Extended Green Priority
  • TSP Recovery Timing
  • TSP Transit Delay-Dependent Operation
  • TSP Reservice
  • Preemption Check-In/Check-Out Detection
  • Preemption Transit Stop Departure Detection
  • PreemptionStart-Up timing
  • PreemptionConflicting Flow Clearance timing
  • Preemption Dwell State timing
  • Preemption Recovery timing
  • Preemption Reservice

Price: See registration page and training policy for details.

Duration: .5 day

PDH Credits: 3.5 hours

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