• Auslösen eines zusätzlichen Verkehrsaufkommens nach Maß mit nur wenigen Klicks auf der Karte
  • Simulation von Ereignissen mit programmierter Nachfrage: Konzerte, Sportveranstaltungen, Messen usw.
  • Quantifizierung der Verkehrsauswirkungen von unerwarteten Ereignissen: Schlechtes Wetter, Streiks, Evakuierungen usw.


Hi, I'm Daniele Tiddi and I am Product Manager for Real-time products at PTV. Today I will introduce the new feature of demand event modelling in the new release of PTV Optima 2022.

Now PTV Optima allows the traffic control centre to insert additional demand due to programmed or unexpected events, like concerts, sport matches, fairs, strikes, and so on.


Demand events relate to zone objects. The first step the traffic operator must do is identifying the zone they want the additional demand to generate from or to be destinated to.

In Optima a layer of centroids is available. The layer of links, with the theme showing connectors, allows to see where the demand will leave or enter the network.

Once focused on the area, they can create the event or scenario, by adding a new one, as per the usual workflow in PTV Optima in traffic event creation: a new category “Demand events” is now available.

The minimum information the operator must provide, is made of: zone location, number of vehicles expected at the location, if arriving or departing, and time distribution of the demand.

The new traffic pattern can be displayed on map, in layer “Estimated Traffic”.

The simulation can be quickly compared by the operator via the synthetic indicators, associated with the scenario.

Demand events are supported by both Real-time Scenario Evaluation and Operational Planning modules.


The new PTV Optima 2022 release is now available: ask for a live demo by filling the contact form on our website!