Don’t Let HOS Restrictions Kill Efficiency

A study conducted by Zipline Logistics reported that “not only are 95% of drivers struggling to deliver loads on time, but their job satisfaction is also dropping, and they’re struggling to get higher pay. The driver shortage and the capacity crunch only exacerbate the issue”.

In addition, the planners, the “unsung heroes”, have faced some of the biggest challenges with the switch to new ELDs. Prior to now, there was more flexibility when it came to planning daily schedules. Now, with that clock running, it forces companies to really put a lot of thought into the planning process. Planners need to account for time constraints relating to rest periods and hard stops at the end of the day. In the same study conducted by Zipline Logistics, “83% of the respondents said productivity is down since the ELD mandate took effect”. 

It’s now more important than ever to efficiently plan and schedule in order to ensure that productivity and customer service do not slip. This is your livelihood.

These challenges and figures don’t necessarily mean the industry is going downhill. New technology means new challenges and a call to acclimate. Efficiency on the planning side crucial. With the help of PTV’s route optimization tools, schedules can be planned based on the HOS restrictions, time windows, and requirements. These optimized daily schedules reflect reality, which will help to alleviate a lot of stress that this huge change has caused many companies. In addition, our customers see the cost savings of an average of 17%. 

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