EASYRIDE - Automated driving in an urban context - Pilot city of Munich

The project EASYRIDE will initially develop realistic scenarios for new transport services based on the status quo of the state capital Munich.

These scenarios will then be tested for their effects using simulations and evaluated and optimised with regard to the city's objectives. At the same time, the legal framework conditions will be examined and concrete proposals for changes and control strategies will be developed. Finally, the pilot operation of two different on-demand offers will provide important insights into the operation and user acceptance of the respective systems.

The project is funded by the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure as part of the "Automated and Networked Driving" funding programme and runs from October 2018 to December 2020.

Project website

You can find more information on our activities on the topic pages Climate protection in transport, Urban mobility, Automated and connected driving and Shared Mobility and multimodality.

Extension of the city-wide traffic planning model

Within the framework of the project, the existing macroscopic planning model will be extended by aspects of the new mobility offers in order to determine the effects of different operating scenarios/operating concepts on the urban traffic situation as a whole.

Technological development

The knowledge gained from the extension of the model with regard to necessary adaptations of the planning software, e.g. special parameters or functionalities, will be implemented in a demonstrator.

Knowledge gain

By participating in the project, valuable experience can be gained regarding the requirements for MaaS modelling from the point of view of a potential operator or from the point of view of cities. Furthermore, experience in demand modelling and potential estimation for a specific MaaS offer and thus the effects of MaaS offers on traffic generation, traffic distribution and modal split within a transport demand model will be gained.