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Our Mission

Our goal is to empower researchers, educators, and students to shape the future of mobility and transportation. With our portfolio of academic PTV Mobility software licenses, we support academia in their research or for curricular purposes. Over 600 universities trust in PTV software, including more than 50% of the top 100 universities in Civil Engineering worldwide. Check the comparison table below and find the best offer for your needs.

600+ universities

More than 600 universities use PTV products to support their research

500+ Licences

More than 500 PTV Thesis Licenses are granted to students to support their theses each year

1,800+ Papers

Over 1,800 academic papers based on PTV software have been published in the most renowned transportation journals since 2010

Our offer for academia

PTV Academia offers students, professors and researchers a wide range of opportunities to support your mobility studies. Our PTV Mobility full version includes PTV Vissim, PTV Visum, PTV Viswalk and PTV Vistro, while the partial version includes one of the mobility software programs.

Student License*

Trial period

One year of the latest PTV Vissim/Visum/Viswalk version with some restrictions

1kmx1km network size

run simulations up to 600s

save the network and write evaluations

and many more features

For students who are interested in modelling and simulation

Thesis License*

6 month free license

Latest PTV Mobility partial version

extensive network size

unlimited simulation time

save the network and write evaluations

and many more features

For BSc, MSc, PhD and PostDoc students with cutting-edge research topics

Research License*

Two year free license

Latest PTV Mobility full version

extensive network size

unlimited simulation time

save the network and write evaluations

and many more features

For professors and lecturers whose research topic can potentially lead to an advancement of our software

Academic License

Full version - price on request

Contact us to get your full version of our PTV software at a fraction of the standard market price!

Provide your students with the most up-to-date modeling software for their research projects or for in-class teaching.

You will be part of our scientific network to exchange views with colleagues and learn how to optimally use PTV software in teaching and research.


*Not allowed for commercial use

What our academic stars say about PTV

To do my Erasmus traineeship at PTV Group was a dream come true! This experience was crucial both technically and personally and gave me the essential skills for my future career in transportation. It enabled me to stand out and be hired for my new position. 

Salvatore Scutifero Transportation Engineer at TRM Group (Italy) and former intern at PTV Group HQ in Germany

As a student who is pursuing an academic career, I was very excited to start my internship with PTV Group. Thanks to PTV’s academic and research-based approach, I can create the link between my theoretical background and the real-world problems on Machine Learning and Operations Research.

Yagmur Gül M.Sc. Program in Data Analytics and Decision Science at RWTH Aachen University

As a data-lover, I use PTV Visum to develop data-driven methods to solve the Dynamic Origin-Destination Estimation Problem of Simulation Traffic Models. I combine different sources of data, such as Traffic Counts from real sensors and large GPS tracking databases to estimate the OD matrices that feed the SBA Visum models.

Xavier Ros PhD Candidate at UPC-Tech, PTV award for the best presentation on Traffic Simulation at FIT 2020

For more than forty years my academic research has been focused on Traffic and Transportation Systems and the associated modeling techniques, optimization, and simulation to make them operational. 

Models are the most consistent scientific approach to understand the behavior of complex dynamic systems and be able of forecasting their evolution, making decisions, and optimizing their performance.

Prof. Jaume Barceló Professor Emeritus, Department of Statistics and Operations Research, Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, UPC-Barcelona Tech
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