PTV Culture & Values

Our corporate culture is characterized by open-mindedness and commitment. We believe that satisfied, talented and passionate people from diverse backgrounds are at the center of our mission to shape the future of mobility and transport. We encourage and empower our employees to grow and to improve their skills constantly. We want to cultivate an open dialogue and a reflected, open mindset in our teams.

We are a global player with more than 40 years of experience in the market. We share strong team-spirit and we foster innovation and creativity.

Our corporate values underpin our company culture, they are the guiding star for our professional releationships within the company and with our trusted partners.

Our corporate values: what we stand for

Market & Customer Focus

Our product portfolio enables our customers with smart solutions that are specifically tailored to their needs. Current market requirements are our priority.

Innovation & Efficiency

With a pioneering spirit, we develop intelligent mobility solutions and successful business models for today and tomorrow. We are open to new ideas and see changes and challenges as opportunities.


Open Mindedness & Transparency

We love trying new things, are open-minded and reflective. Therefore, we exchange ideas with each other and cherish transparent communication.


Respect, Honesty & Integrity

We are appreciative and friendly in our daily dealings. We maintain an honest, unbiased and respectful feedback culture.


Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity enriches our company. We meet at eye level and want to benefit from different perspectives and backgrounds.


Our efforts in our daily work and our solutions contribute to a livable planet and climate justice.


Smart mobility & transport are our passion and purpose. We work with dedication and inspire others for our products.


We are aware of our responsibility towards our customers, our owner, business partners and employees as well as towards society and act accordingly.