Share Economy

Solutions for a shared world

Transport policy should integrate the changed mobility needs and behaviour of people into transport planning. These days, more and more people are opting for alternative and eco-friendly modes of transport, such as public transport or cycling. Moreover, people tend to use different modes of transport for one route or share resources by using car sharing or rent-a-bike services.

Logistics Collaboration – with the close cooperation of all actors in transport logistics, future challenges can be efficiently overcome. Sharing information is an integral part of efficient transport logistics. To this end, transparent solutions with an open interface for data exchange are required to identify potential and provide real-time information for processing and handling transport.

Our solutions for a shared world:

Solutions for the shared usage of modes of transport

Software for integrated transport planning across all modes of transport

Consulting services, concepts and research for intermodal, multimodal and synchromodal traffic and transport solutions

Concepts and solutions for urban logistics