PTV America

PTV Group North America is headquartered in Portland, Oregon. A diverse team of traffic engineers, transportation planners and software developers provides you with Traffic Software and Logistics Software.

Our team of highly motivated professionals has the experience and technical expertise to help align our products and solutions with industry demands and customer needs. We continue to distinguish ourselves in the marketplace for providing exceptional training and customer support providing a continually growing user base and community.

How many details are in a great plan?

The city of tomorrow is designed for unlimited mobility. This is where life pulsates and with it, the traffic. With our Vision software products, you can plan all aspects of traffic - from the entire network down to the individual nodes. 

PTV Vistro for traffic engineering

PTV Vistro is the ideal tool for all your traffic analysis needs. Its intuitive user interface places all functions at your fingertips so that you can keep traffic flowing at the touch of a button.

PTV Visum for transport planning and traffic engineering

PTV Visum is the world leading software for transport analyses, traffic forecasts and GIS-based data management. It consistently models all transport modes and their interaction and has become the standard in the field of transport planning.

PTV Vissim for traffic simulation

Cars, buses, bicycles, pedestrians and trains - they all interact with each other everyday. The powerful simulation software PTV Vissim allows planners to model the routes and interactions of all road users. It realistically simulates multimodal transport processes like no other software.

PTV Viswalk for simulation of pedestrian flows

They crisscross back and forth across roads, make sudden turns or stop spontaneously: Pedestrians are the most dynamic element in urban environments. PTV Viswalk is the software tool designed for pedestrian simulation.

How can the software provide competitive advantage?

Existing IT solutions can do more – if you can pass them the right tool. Out components enable you to integrate geographic and logistic functions in your own application or in the corporate network modularly, flexibly scalable and individually. 

PTV xServer Client-server architecture for distributed applications

PTV xServers allow you to integrate geographical and logistical functions into your company's IT structures, mobile solutions, web applications and client-server architectures.

PTV Mapserver Desktop software for local applications

Integrate digital maps, itineraries and other geographic functionalities into your desktop software solution. Or extend your software product with useful features. PTV Mapserver provides the full range of digital map functionalities.

How can you create added value from data sources?

PTV Group provides you with data and content which allow you to progress quickly and reliably. This means transport planners and managers can use data or models without having to conduct any costly and time-consuming traffic data surveys themselves. Logistics companies can analyse the impact of new road toll tariffs or determine the ideal location for a new branch office. We provide multifaceted data about and for traffic, transport, geomarketing and location intelligence – which create added value.

Data for traffic & transport planning For advanced traffic & transport modelling

Excellent data are the best basis for excellent transport models. We supply data on transport networks, speed profiles, entire transport models and traffic stats which are optimised for use in our products PTV Visum and PTV Vissim.