What moves us

Bringing people and goods to their destination quickly, cost-efficiently and safely is a balancing act for planners. We are committed to meeting the requirements of the future and taking an active part in shaping it in a responsible manner.

The PTV Group wants to help make better use of existing infrastructure by delivering new technologies and intelligent mobility solutions - the best way to optimise traffic and transport in a sustainable manner.

 Smart Cities

Smart Cities and smart mobility

The vision of Smart Cities, i.e. to create efficient, progressive, ecologically and socially sustainable cities, encompasses many different aspects. In this context, not only energy, health and safety matters play an important role, but also mobility. From sharing services, which complement the range of transport modes, to e-mobility, car2X communication, and notably digital networks – all these new developments will have a major impact on future mobility.

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 Autonomous driving

Autonomous driving – Solutions for a new form of mobility

New technologies such as autonomous vehicles, e-mobility, Car2X communications and sharing models will have a dramatic effect on the mobility of people and goods. This raises both challenges and opportunities for our society. PTV Group provides automakers and city planners around the globe with software developed for the mobility of tomorrow.

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 Urban Logistics

Urban Logistics - Solutions for an urbanised world

Worldwide, over half of all people live in cities, and this trend is increasing. All of these people must be supplied with food, consumer goods or building materials. Urban Logistics plays an essential role in this.

The PTV Group supports municipalities, transport and logistical service providers and the retail trade by developing and applying new concepts for Urban Logistics and offering them innovative solutions which have been tried and tested worldwide.

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 Road safety

Road safety – solutions for a safer world

Globalisation has made the world seem smaller. But transport distances have become longer. Although many people are using public transport or bicycles, motorisation is on the rise worldwide. Over one million people die in road crashes each year. Road safety is an important topic in the planning and optimisation of infrastructure, both today and in the future. And yet transport logistics also require applications which increase safety for drivers and their freight.

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 Share Economy

Share Economy – solutions for a shared world

Worldwide, millions of people are on the move, whether they travel to their places of work, go shopping or make a journey. The car is playing a less important role as a status symbol. Sharing is the new owning. This applies to car sharing as much as to the shared usage of alternative modes of transport, such as bicycles.

Every day, goods are transported over very long distances. 'Logistics Collaboration' is the motto for transport logistics.  Everyone involved should work closer with one another – not only to increase their profitability, but also to make use of the entire value chain.

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 Climate protection

Climate protection – solutions for a greener world

We need liveable cities, mobility services for rural areas and commercial traffic for supplies. Environmental protection, harmony with our climate, low noise and traffic pollution make places more attractive for inhabitants. Challenges which the PTV Group meets with its solutions.

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