• Head office of the PTV Group
    in Karlsruhe, Germany

    Head office of the PTV Groupin Karlsruhe, Germany
  • We can do the Haka!

    We can do the Haka!
  • The sound of music!

    The sound of music!
  • Celebrating success
    and having fun together!

    Celebrating successand having fun together!

Open-minded, fit for the future, friendly

If a company has been growing for more than 30 years and has become a truly global player, it has actually done everything right. We at PTV are committed to excellence in everything we do, from quality products and services to a great work environment. There is a friendly welcoming atmosphere. We value open communication and are open-minded, always looking for new ideas or challenges. You'll have the opportunity to enjoy a professional, yet casual environment. As we have people joining from all parts of the worlds, our meetings are held in German or English, depending on the situation.

We have a friendly and fun team environment: we meet up after work for dinner, drinks or activities, such as movie nights or bike rides. That's maybe the reason why corporate events like our Summer and Christmas parties are so popular at PTV - they often last until the early morning. Every now and then, members of our staff organise hot dogs, an ice-cream van or mulled wine. Because we are proud of a new product or a new release or because we collect money for a good cause - or simply because we like to spend time together.

We think globally and act locally.

  • We are a smart software company for transport and traffic. We are a global player with products made in Germany.

We shape the market with our continued development.

  • The heart of our commercial success is the product business.
    As an expert for traffic and transport we actively shape the market with our solutions - now and in the future. At the same time we consistently extend our market leadership. We continually develop our products based on customer feedback, continuous observation of the market as well as knowledge gained from research.
    We face new things with an open mind in order to deliver the best solutions for tomorrow - we therefore promote and demand creativity and technical innovation.

We vouch for our solutions.

  • We market our services with passion and strive for profit, but not at any price.
    We share the same values and believe in our common objective. We thereby portray a clear image to the outside world and reinforce the perception of our brands.

We act and want to grow.

  • We make decisions and put them into practice. The most important thing is to have a clear objective. We concentrate on what is essential, clear up important issues and make the results transparent.
    We see our different corporate cultures as an opportunity to learn from each other and to grow together.

We practice fairness and respect.

  • We communicate at eye level. We cultivate open communications from person to person as well as a constructive feedback culture. We treat each other with fairness and respect. We responsibly create room to manoeuvre.